About us

About us

Home Away From Home

McCrea Manor is a leading provider of memory care, respite care, long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and therapy services in Alliance, Ohio. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to care, which encompasses a wide range of needs while promoting independence.

Our primary focus is on promoting a healthy lifestyle and cultivating a thriving social environment, which is the cornerstone of our services. Our long-term care and skilled nursing services emphasize independent living, and we take great care to ensure that our residents feel secure and comfortable at all times.

Located just a couple of miles from the local senior center that hosts various events, our community fosters connections and engagement within the wider Alliance community. Additionally, Alliance is an up-and-coming town with new businesses on the rise, offering residents exciting opportunities to explore and enjoy. Furthermore, the annual Carnation Festival, a beloved local tradition, takes place right here in Alliance, providing residents with vibrant cultural experiences and festive celebrations.

At McCrea Manor, You’re Family